Never Confuse Fashion With Style!

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Fashion says "Me too!"

Style however says "Only me!!"

When we at our studio design a custom-made area rug, carpet, or tapestry, we create "Style"!

When you are not afraid of being unique—adding bold colors, or rich patterns in subtle colors, or a design with unexpected shape – your rug becomes the room's captivating focal point. And when it is crafted in perfect harmony with the interior design it becomes like an enchanted stone, radiating outwards and setting the entire space aglow with your personal presence. Your guests will immediately sense your distinctive stamp upon the room. You will forever adore your rug and never tire of it, because it is so genuinely 'you'.

Style – Elegance – Uniqueness!!

Each person has their own unique statement to make. Their own style.

Yours may be 'relaxed sophistication', 'glamorous', 'simplicity with an elaborate twist', 'trendy and savvy' or 'understated grace and elegance'. There are as many styles as there are people.

My job is to create a top quality one-of-a-kind rug, carpet or tapestry that is a perfect reflection of your personal style and that harmonizes with every single detail of the interior design. That is what style is all about!

Once this is accomplished, your entire space (sitting room – dining area – bedroom – office or any other space) will be endowed with your unique flavor and be enjoyed for many years to come.

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