Need To Get Creatively Inspired?

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Creativity is an absolute must in my field, and it might be in yours too. But even if your profession is not a 'creative one', you can vastly improve your life by using creative thinking, as I shall explain.

In my case I need to be aware of trends in the design field, specifically rug design. But to create a rug that perfectly expresses my client's personality while at the same time harmonizes with the entire room—well, that requires inspiration.

However, unlike a voluntary action, like snapping your fingers or lifting a barbell, inspiration needs a spark. And sometimes, when you really need it, no matter how hard you try, you just can't find it. In my case, inspiration is the lifeblood of my profession, and not being able to find that spark is simply not an option.

And what about you? Do you need inspiring ideas? Are there burning issues in your life, or job, that cry out for creative solutions?

Allow me to share with you what I do when I need to be inspired. When I need ideas to design an original and inspired rug, I don't look at other rug designs. What I do is remove myself from the situation, relax and go out and forget about it! Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere!

Here's what to do: Go out, stroll the city, absorb the surroundings. Experience the people, the sounds, the tastes, the colors. The unexpected. Take photos of whatever catches your eye: a bicycle, a gate, a wineglass, a house, a stray dog. Speak to people, sit in a café. Be ready to write down any ideas or snippets of ideas that come into your head, but even if they don't come, that's OK.

Not only will you have a good time, but your mind will be a jumble with associations and stimuli, each bouncing about in different directions. Just trust the process and don’t force. The idea will come…today, tomorrow, next week, next month. But it will be a big idea that will make a real difference in your life.

So if you ever have a creative block, or need inspiration—get out of your routine, change your surroundings, think about nothing concerning your work or your problem.

It's the absolute best way to get inspired!

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