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Lego Inspired Rug

Let's face it. We are not kids anymore. But haven't you noticed that the most fortunate—and happy—people you see around you are those who are still kids at heart? People who take delight in everything they do and are filled with the spirit of play!

Few things remind us more of our playful childhood than Lego blocks, those colorful plastic pieces that as kids we used to play and build with. The Lego block was, and still is, the building block of a child's limitless imagination.

Drawing from the joyful and fanciful spirit of childhood, designers are taking inspiration from the Lego concept. I have seen real Lego blocks glued together to create household furniture! Or Lego handicrafts! Or the Lego concept as inspiration for creating an entire children's room using wooden boxes in different colors that resemble Lego blocks. A joy to create and behold!

A Spanish furniture company designed a Lego inspired collection for children's rooms including everything: beds, drawers, dressers and shelves! Stunning creations!

I have to add that often, when I am enjoying Mondrian's gorgeous, cubistic paintings with their bright vivid colors and black lines…my thoughts fly to Lego.

And here we are with OUR exiting Lego inspiration: A hand-tufted rug for a children's playroom in a private residence here in the Tel-Aviv area. The rug is designed in an asymmetric shape, as a half-moon, where the Lego inspired design is remarkably colorful. Carved cubes run along the straight side of rug. Not only are the cubes themselves colorful, but they are set amid a unified composition of color and shape that harmonizes beautifully with the entire room and its furnishings. The rug is aesthetic, eye-catching and dominating – I know—but try moving your eyes away from rug and take a look at the blue chairs. The two baby chairs have ears and eyes! So adorable you have to smile!

So put some fun in your life! Bring the playful and joyful spirit into your home!

– "No Dream Too Big – No Detail Too Small"!

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