“FUNTASTICO” The name says it all!

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“FUNTASTICO” The name says it all!


Visiting an art exhibition – or any other exhibition for that matter – is always an inspiring event; it often provides us with lots of food for thought, the thoughts tumbling over each other generating great ideas for new, outstanding designs for our hand-tufted rugs and tapestries.

Thanks to our experienced craftsmen and our use of the hand-tufting technique, we can be very flexible and take full advantage of that flexibility: we easily change patterns and switch styles of design and shape. All of which is a must when making custom-designed area rugs.

With great expectations we recently visited the exciting exhibition "FUNTASTICO" by the young Spanish artist and designer Jaime Hayon – and it was anything but a disappointment. In one word, I can wholeheartedly say: Fantastico!!

Walking around the museum halls studying his original, imaginative pieces of art certainly gives you something to think about. His way of looking at the world, at things – how he expresses his thoughts and then hands them over to you to think about – are both provoking and inspiring.




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