Tips for Getting Your Dining Room Rug Just Right!

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Your dining room rug needs to be both practical and stylish – not a very easy trick to perform! Here's what to keep in mind!

Which material to choose?

Never think about getting a shaggy rug for your dining area – it's a trap for every crumb falling from the table as well as those inevitable spills. Low pile rugs and loop pile rugs are your most practical choice for a dining room. Furthermore, it's easier to move chairs around on such rugs.

Natural fiber rugs - which include includes sisal and jute – have a lot going for them. But just one thing: whereas natural fibers like cotton and wool tend to be easy to clean, sisal and jute can be tricky due to the coarse texture of their fibers. Synthetic blends are difficult to maintain in terms of the freshness of their appearance.

Patterns and colors

Choose the patterns and colors of your rug according to style of furnishing and color scheme of the room! Choosing big or small patterns is a personal choice; just remember that big patterns and dark colors work best in large rooms. A rug with small patterns and lighter colors makes the room feel larger and more airy. Multiple patterns are perfect for camouflaging stubborn stains—spills happen to even the most careful people—even when used in a bright color combination.

Shape and size

The shape and size of your dining room rug depend on the shape and size of the table. If you own a round table then a round or square rug will look fantastic. Rectangular and oval tables work great with rectangular rugs. Square tables seem to work best with square rugs!

What size should your rug be? Measure the width and length of the table and add between 40-60 cm to each side. Then you'll have a rug that allows guests to slide their chairs from under the table without 'falling off' the rug. Take care not to choose a size that's too big—your rug should not trespass into the space where your sideboard or buffet stands; moreover it's nice to have a visible border of flooring as well.

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