The rugs and tapestries are made of premium New Zealand wool in vibrant colors, hand-tufted onto a sturdy polyester backing that provides strength and durability. Elsebeth keeps at her disposal several hundred shades of wool, ranging from subtle desert hues, through the vivid turquoise of the Mediterranean sea, to flamboyant reds and purples. The wool undergoes special stabilized yarn-dye processes to ensure long lasting color retention.


Elsebeth draws the design on a polyester backing stretched upon a standing frame, adding detailed instructions for the craftsman. The craftsman uses a hand-operated "tufting gun" that punches strands of wool into the designated areas of the polyester "canvas". Elsebeth personally supervises the job in progress, and makes any necessary adjustments, based on her wide experience, unerring eye for detail and penchant for top quality. The instructions specify not only the colors to be used, but the height of the pile, which can be anywhere from a standard 1.6 cm (0.63 inch) to a shaggy carpet with pile up to 4.5 cm (1.77 inch) high. Any additional elements such as jewelry, metal leaf, beads, ceramics or other decorative elements are inserted by Elsebeth herself.

Once Elsebeth is satisfied that the rug has been completed exactly as per specifications, a secondary polyester backing is glued on, using latex adhesive, ensuring the carpet's integrity and durability. The rug is left to dry naturally in the ambient air, to ensure that it remains soft and flexible. This technique enables the artist to make carpets and rugs in any shape, size, and design. The entire process takes about two to three months, depending of course on the complexity of the design and the size of the rug.


Deciding on a work of art which will best reflect you, your home or your business emerges from a dialogue between client and artist. With her experience, impeccable taste and sense of style, Elsebeth will help you choose what is right for you and for the image you wish to project. Whatever you decide on, it will be one of a kind.

Whether you would like a rug based on an existing work of art or an original, as-yet uncreated work, the first step is a consult with Elsebeth. She should see the place that the rug is intended for, to get a feel of your location, space, taste and needs. Leaf through Elsebeth's portfolio with its stunning examples of elegant design. Considering your preferences, Elsebeth will be able to present you with her vision, her recommendation of what will integrate best with your style and atmosphere.