“Intimate knowledge bordering on sorcery”

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The perfect rug for each client! This is what has always inspired us. Our delighted clients, whose enthusiastic numbers grow from year to year, is confirmation that we are fulfilling this ideal.

To achieve the perfect rug it is vital that we visit our clients in their homes. Entering your home, we absorb and become attuned to the interior furnishings, style, mood, and colors, and even to your personality—so as to bring forth a creation that honors, beautifies and blends seamlessly with the native design. A tantalizing rug that dramatically embellishes your home. A rug that, once you own it, you can't imagine being without.

The distinctive, polygon rug displayed here has a soft, harmonious color scheme taken from the existing colors of this stylish living room. The black crossed lines, etched in bold yet delicate strokes! The asymmetric rug shape! Only intimate knowledge bordering on sorcery could result in a rug that is at once both muted and starkly alluring! A creation that doesn't merely harmonize with your home, it becomes an indispensable part of it.

In all, a powerful aesthetic statement and a stunning area rug!!

No one will go unaffected by this rug…

Elsebeth Studio – "No dream too big – no detail too small"

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