Could an Area Rug Possibly be Sexy?

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Impossible you say?

The one displayed here comes very close to accomplishing just that.

Sprawling, sumptuous eye-catching colors entice you. Voluptuous and softly rounded curves of the rug's edge, mmm…sexy!

As if jumping out of a bubbling cauldron of sensuous elixir, the rug splashes onto your floor in a cheerful irregular shape. It squirms and captivates you from every angle. Feel yourself drawn in!

No boring or inhibited tight, rectangular standard frame for us. We are untamed passion and sweet temptations. We are the radiance of life!!!

The rug's wool yarn is tufted in an extra-long, thick high-pile, which adds a sophisticated, curvaceous look to the design. Everything about this rug is sensual and invites you to feel!

So listen - - - can an area rug be sexy?

Every rug or tapestry from Elsebeth Studio is custom-designed and hand-tufted in wool by our master craftsmen! Years of experience and an impeccable sense of style and color allows us to create the perfect rug for your home, residence, office or public space.

Elsebeth Studio - - "No dream too big, no detail too small"

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