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Everyone is familiar with the powerful effect a rug has on a room and sometimes even the entire home. The rug is a major component of a room's design and should be in perfect harmony with its surroundings.

Nowadays there are two primary ways to make carpets. The first is called 'tufting', where machines with 800-2000 needles act like huge sewing machines. The second method is called 'weaving' in which the machine acts as a massive loom. Both manufacturing methods are used for the mass production of wall-to-wall carpets and area rugs.

However, if you've already taken pains to create a beautiful room that matches your personality and honors your vision , does it make any sense to place at its center a 'safe' and unoriginal rug produced for the masses? - Certainly not. What you want is a nothing less than stunning personal statement. A rug that harmonizes wonderfully with your room's design. In short, you want nothing short of a handmade rug!

Hand-tufted, custom made wool rugs are a hard wearing, luxury option for rugs in which the client contributes to the design, coloration, and overall vision for the finished product.

There are unlimited design possibilities – from the ultra-cool and crisp hi-tech look to a romantic, warm and seductive appearance; from the rustic and simple to an upscale urban vibe that's totally chic. A sophisticated rug contour combined with dashingly appropriate colors—all so unique, all so beautiful to behold!

Interior designers: Looking for an extraordinary solution for a hotel lobby? A hand-tufted carpet is the answer! It will match faultlessly with the existing interior design, because it's custom made. Moreover it will synergize with the hotel's image and philosophy.

Or is it for a company's main entrance? OK. In this case the company logo will be tufted elegantly into the carpet – instant upscaled status for the company logo! If not on the floor then on the wall as a tapestry. You can get creative and go crazy—with a gorgeous tapestry in mixed textures and a daring unconventional shape! Big or small tapestry, whatever fits best with your environment!

Is it for a small or a large private residence? No problem. A custom-made area rug will be designed and tufted to fit perfectly, imbuing the entire space with an impressive, personal atmosphere. And of course hand-tufted rugs give the ultimate touch of extravagance to private, luxury yachts!

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